Analysis of the French market and the commercial and viability of your business, this is the primary focus of the Marketing work in this first phase.

KOLY Expansion will analyze the specific and concrete aspects of your sector of activity, the product offer and the customer demand, the product environment and the applicable legislation, to help you comprehend the needs of your potential clients and to fully understand the market and the direct competition. We know how important it is to know the French market so that the internationalization of your business succeeds.

KOLY Expansion will support you in the internationalization of your business, bringing you end-to-end solutions. We begin by defining the Marketing strategy that your business will deploy in France.
We will determine the fundamentals of marketing that will help you best adapt to the market and best satisfy the needs of your French customers.

KOLY Expansion will assist you in defining the target customers, planning your marketing strategy and measuring its impact.

We want your product or service to be launched on the French market with everything you need to triumph. We will meet this goal by evaluating a number of areas, including among others, the following:
  • Selection of the range of products to be marketed in France
  • Setting sale prices
  • Adaptation of packaging
  • Definition of the Marketing budgets
  • Participation in trade shows and fairs
KOLY Expansion will also help you with managing your French e-commerce business, to enable you to reach your on-line sales targets in France most effectively.
After performing a detailed analysis of the French market, we will be ready to help you design and develop a Marketing Plan to ensure the successful internationalization of your products. We will assist you in determining the Marketing & commercial budget and your financial and human resources needs. We will also accompany you in defining the key performance indicators (KPI) and monitoring results.
The objective for this phase of the work is to implement the Marketing Action Plan to sell your products and services in France, together we will monitor the Marketing Plan closely/at every phase of its deployment. The ultimate goal is to make the right changes where necessary to optimize results. KOLY Expansion will help you perform the detailed analysis that is essential to making any changes necessary to the trajectory, and to improving profitability in your export business in France.


KOLY Expansion will analyze your company’s processes and its activity in terms of logistics, so we can perform realistic simulations of the exportation process for France. Our goal is to validate the operational viability of the project and to structure your export business in function of the current circumstances in your sector of operations.

We will provide you with a detailed synopsis of the set of actions to be taken in your country before exporting to France. At KOLY Expansion, we map out and create a plan for all the details necessary to ensure the successful marketing of your products in France: logistics, warehousing, customer delivery, incoming customer calls, quality control, refunds, after sales service, payment conditions, tax domiciliation … We are skilled and experienced in all aspects of internationalization, so there will be no loose ends. In this phase, we will also define with you, which operations will need to be carried out internally for the export business and which will be performed by KOLY Expansion’s consultants.

At KOLY Expansion we want to ensure the flow of your goods from the production phase to the final delivery to your customers and on to after sales service. To do so, we will analyze the production process, warehousing and inventory, customer delivery process and after sales service (refunds, product returns, guarantees and warranties, etc.).

In this phase, we will define, together with the exporting company, the plan which will evaluate the human and financial resources necessary, and set a schedule for the completion of all the corresponding actions under consideration (warehousing and logistics, product returns, adaptation of web sites, rewriting content in French, etc.). This schedule will serve to prepare all the operational elements to ensure successful implementation.

The Operations Plan must be analyzed continuously, and we must carry out follow-up operations to detect any possible modifications necessary. The ultimate goal is to optimize the resources used and to improve the results of the exportation process.


KOLY Expansion will perform an analysis of process of the sales cycle and commercial policy, for the purpose of validating the commercial viability of the project. This service will examine the various aspects relating to the sales cycle per se: prospection of potential clients, sales prices, promotions, sales commissions, invoicing, general conditions of sale (GCS), product warranties, after sales service, etc. Thus, we will be able to structure exportation to France in function of the sales cycle and commercial conditions of the French market.

At KOLY Expansion we offer solutions to help you to market and sell your products and services optimally in France. We will analyze the most appropriate distribution and sales channels and determine the means necessary to assure sales (web site in French, warehouses, stores, franchises, others solutions…).

This service offered by KOLY Expansion will seek to define the sales cycle, the customer relations and the interrelations with the operational process of the company. We will ensure that the commercial actions are implemented and function effectively (orders, invoicing, customer delivery, customer hot lines and other services …) to ensure customer satisfaction.
We will design a Business Plan (Who, What, When and How?), and quantitative and qualitative objectives for sales.

The Business Plan must be rolled out in close conformity with the previously defined plan and process. We must be ready to anticipate any potential dysfunctions and make any necessary changes to those aspects that need to be modified to be more effective. We can then make the changes needed to improve optimization of your resources and results.


At KOLY Expansion we are fully aware of the importance of in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects involved in any enterprise, and how excellent legal advice can be a tool to ensure a company’s success. With this in mind, we will perform an analysis of the legal and regulatory framework in France, focusing on your company’s sector of activity. We will help you understand the current structure of the norms applying to your products and market: consumer norms, hygiene /health and safety, taxes, social security, financing… The goal is to bring to light the differences between the exporting country and the importing country, so that there are no surprises and the internationalization process is smooth and successful.
Once the commercial strategy has been decided on, it is important to perform a full diagnosis of the legal impact that this strategy implies, by defining the corporate, contractual, fiscal, accounting and commercial risks. This will inform the decision-making process for marketing, operations, and all commercial and financial aspects.
In this phase we will define the best legal relationship to work in between the exporting business and KOLY Expansion, defining the type of partnership that we can develop to successfully internationalize your business. This will help us anticipate the principle legal consequences in France, and thus minimize the legal risks. In the international trade sector, it is vital to understand and to comply with the legislation of the country where you are exporting to and the normative applicable in the European Union – this is an essential step in the success of your internationalization process.
KOLY Expansion will advise you in all areas relating to translation, adaptation and compliance with the texts concerning marketing, business and content, so that your e-business is fully compliant with French legislation. The drafting and compliance with legal texts is, in fact, the first step in the implementation of the Action Plan. Our experts in the legal field will advise and assist you with the drafting and adaptation of marketing and commercial documents (general conditions of sale, user conditions for the web site, order forms, invoice templates, product brochures, marketing documents, etc.), as well as the drafting of the partnership agreement between the exporting company and KOLY Expansion.

KOLY Expansion’s legal assistance and advice will provide support for operational management in areas that include fiscal, postal and telephony domiciliation, VAT management, etc… The final objective is to optimize the resources allocated to the exportation process and to improve the operation’s results.