Market Validation and Operational and Commercial Feasibility

The first step in initiating the internationalization process for a company is always to know the market to which it intends to export. KOLY Expansion’s team is trained by Spanish and French professionals with extensive in-depth knowledge of the commercial, legal and cultural aspects of both markets. In this first phase we will analyze the French market, and in particular the sector in which your company operates. We are particularly attentive to certain matters, such as legislative norms, direct competition, the logistics needs of your business, any specificities in the sales cycle in France, and defining your potential clientele, in addition to a number of other aspects.

KOLY Expansion’s objective is to analyze the commercial viability of your business, including by performing simulations of the export process, so that we have all the information necessary before taking the plunge.

Strategic proposals

Once the detailed analysis of the French market and the commercial viability of your business has been performed, KOLY Expansion will provide you with an Integral Consulting service to help you make the concrete decisions concerning exporting to France. Working closely with our team of experts, we will sit down to discuss the Marketing Plan (which commercial products, which markets, pricing policy, potential clients …), the production process, distribution channels or legislative norms that must be adopted to begin the process of internationalization.

Marketing & Commercial engineering

After the study of the market and the strategic decisions are made, comes the moment where we bring all of the pieces of the puzzle together and see how they fit. In this phase, we help you to define the variables that must be taken into account to guarantee your success in France:

  • Acquisition and loyalty of clients
  • Production flow,
  • Inventory
  • Logistics
  • Orders, invoices, administration and paying of any VAT
  • After sales service …

Together with KOLY Expansion and our team of experts, we will review all the essential aspects for the successful implementation of your company’s external business plan.

Design and development of an Action Plan

Now is the moment of setting on paper all the strategic decisions we have adopted to date. The Action Plan for your company will consider and develop the measures to be taken in the various areas we have analyzed, which we will integrate into the development of a Marketing Plan, an Operations Plan and a Business Plan. Our team will assist you every step of the way. We will create a provisional schedule that will then be brought into practice to begin the exportation process.

Deployment and follow-up

Every entrepreneurial process has a final phase covering deployment and monitoring. During this phase we can detect any possible dysfunctions, correct any mistakes and perfect the marketing strategy. We are aware of the importance of optimizing the resources used to guarantee profitability for the company and maximize results. This is why we will work closely with you on the follow-up and monitoring and will help you to evaluate whether your internationalization plan is working for you.